Ballet BC

A Tantalizing Triple Bill



Jan 18-19 incl. Sat matinée

Jan 22-23 

Run Time: 1 hour, 48 minutes

Act One: Enemy in the Figure - William Forsythe - 29 mins

20 min intermission

Act Two: Solo Echo - Crystal Pite - 20 mins

20 min intermision

Act Three: Petite Cérémonie - Medhi Walerski - 27 mins

Experience an evening of extraordinary dance in this tantalizing triple bill, created by some of the most celebrated choreographers of our time.

In keeping with its world-class programming, Alberta Ballet is proud to bring this internationally acclaimed ballet company to its audiences. With its fresh take on a traditional art form, brilliantly fusing ballet and modern dance, the company’s provocative choreography has exploded onto the world stage to great acclaim.


Ballet BC’s Artistic Director, Emily Molnar C.M., has been hailed one of Canada’s “new generation of ballet sensations”, as she has steered the company into a golden era of innovation and collaboration since 2009. Ballet BC actively fosters collaborations that support artists, choreographers and audiences alike, furthering the boundaries of contemporary dance.


Program consists of:


CHOREOGRAPHY: William Forsythe

MUSIC: Thom Willems


Enemy in the Figure is a dark and thrilling poem about vision and perception, form and chaos. Light—as integral to the performance as its choreography—intensifies the ephemeral beauty of the movement.


In a universe alternately frenetic and calm, Enemy in the Figure presents a non-narrative of mystery and urgency, isolation and connection, the mechanical and the human: dance as a medium for infinite possibilities.


A new experience for even the most seasoned patrons, Ballet BC’s exalted and exquisite dancers will shatter your assumptions of what ballet can be.


MUSIC: Johannes Brahms


Inspired by two Brahms sonatas for cello and piano, creative personal touchstones for the artist throughout her career, and the poem “Lines for Winter” by Mark Strand, Crystal Pite continues her lifelong artistic exploration of tension and its resolution. Solo Echo moves from aggression to yearning, from the individual to the collective, travelling the pathways from conflict to acceptance.


CHOREOGRAPHY: Medhi Walerski

MUSIC: Selections by Mozart, Puccini, Rogers & Hart and Vivaldi


Originally choreographed for Ballet BC in 2011, this work is a powerful and poetic full-company piece created by rising European dance star, Medhi Walerski. Intrigued by the idea of “life in a box”, Petite Cérémonie is a surprising and delightful mix of dance and theatre, full of imagery and adventure.

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