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This double bill invites you into a dark and curious landscape of folklore, forest and frenzy against hard-hitting visceral scores.

The Rite of Spring’s 1913 premiere shocked Paris audiences of the time, evoking more controversy and wielding more influence than almost any other piece of music or dance in history. Nicolo Fonte’s 2014 version maintains the power and drama of the original, pairing Stravinsky’s iconic score with a libretto that dives into themes of community, ritual sacrifice and birth and re-birth in subtle and abstract ways.

In 2021, Austria's Oper Graz premiered a distorted adult reimagining of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. In an exploration of temptation and threat, our folklore heroine is given three chances to shape the plot of this famous fable. A darker twist on the age-old tale, Der Wolf explores the struggle between dominance and devotion as a young woman deliberates on a choice.

“This is a truly ambitious and daring program to close our 2023/24 season. Both choreographers are widely celebrated for their unique style and powerful storytelling. Their influence is essential to the continued evolution of our artistic identity, and I am overjoyed to share these works with you.”

Der Wolf Artistic Credits

  • CHOREOGRAPHY: Morgann Runacre-Temple
  • MUSIC: Frank Moon

The Rite of Spring Artistic Credits

  • CHOREOGRAPHY: Nicolo Fonte
  • MUSIC: Igor Stravinsky
  • COSTUME DESIGN: David Heuvel
  • SET AND LIGHTING DESIGN: Michael Mazzola

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