Performance Calendar

On Dec. 14, 2023, Alberta Ballet emailed all patrons who purchased ticket about the cancellation of Beijing Dance Theatre's HAMLET in February.

Please see below for the steps taken to reimburse you for your tickets.


Refund: Ticketmaster processed these changes and emailed you directly with a confirmation of your refund. If you have any questions, please log into your account. 


Account Credit: The total amount of your ticket costs was automatically moved to an account credit. Account credits can be applied to additional tickets for any upcoming production, including The Winter Gala performances on Thursday Feb 15 in Calgary and Saturday Feb 24 in Edmonton. Or you can hold your account credit to apply it to your 2024/25 season subscription or add-on tickets. To view your account credit, sign into your Account Manager.  If you would prefer a full refund, please fill out the refund request form (button below). We will proceed with your ticket refund. We will see the refund applied to the credit card you used to purchase your subscription. Please allow for up to 30 days to see the credit on your statement.

Upcoming Shows

Luna Sasaki Winter Gala 1
23/24 Alberta Ballet

The Winter Gala

A breathtaking celebration of dance, talent, and creativity that will leave you spellbound.
H Gwide 0019750x5962
23/24 Alberta Ballet

Hansel & Gretel

Inspired by the old-fashioned magic of black and white movies, and with larger-than-life imagery, this family ballet will take you on a spirited journey.
Der Wolf & The Rite Of Spring
23/24 Alberta Ballet

Der Wolf & The Rite of Spring

Alberta Ballet presents The Rite of Spring and Der Wolf, inviting you into a dark and curious landscape of folklore, forest and frenzy against hard-hitting visceral scores.