Students from our School take the Jubilee stage


“It has often been said that one of the better ways to learn about ballet is to attend a large dance school’s year-end performance recital…(they are) as enlightening and touching as any full-length marquee show.” Stephan Bonfield


The School of Alberta Ballet is putting the final touches on their Year End Performance and the curtain will rise on this gathering of young ballet talent. This year, the professional division students will dance an exciting selection from Paquita, one of a handful of Romantic ballets made popular in the 19th century.  


The annual event is a moment that students anticipate all year: the chance to take the stage and give the performance of a lifetime.


Many of Alberta Ballet’s current dancers are former students from the School. In fact, in the 2017-2018 season, eight of the 28 company dancers are alumni of the School.


Jennifer Gibson, School of Alberta Ballet alumnus and a dancer in her 9th season with Alberta Ballet remembers her Year End Performance as a time of bonding with her peers and sharing in the excitement of ‘firsts.’


 “My favourite memories of the Year End Performance are always of the great camaraderie with my classmates. We did each other’s hair, copied our favourite dancer’s stage make-up, and gave each other pep talks. We were all nervous and excited together. Plus it was the first time I got to wear a real tutu.”


Alberta Ballet’s Hikaru Osakabe is in the first year of his professional dance career. As such, it’s been just one year since he experienced the wonder familiar to so many students that comes with stepping onto the opulent Jubilee stage.

We were all nervous and excited together. Plus it was the first time I got to wear a real tutu.
— Jennifer Gibson, Alberta Ballet Dancer and School of Alberta Ballet Alumnus


“My favorite memory is taking class on stage right before the show. I had mixed feelings of calm and excitement, which is almost like performing on stage.”


No matter where their careers take them, we can bet many of the students performing this weekend will no doubt be making memories that will last their lifetime. Whether it’s their first time on the Jube stage or their last, this is their chance to own their skills and prove to themselves that anything is possible.


A big congratulations to all the dancers taking part in the 2018 Year End Performance! Toi! Toi !Toi!