50 Mission Cap: a Hip fan tells us their story

A selection of items from boutique at  All of Us . 

A selection of items from boutique at All of Us


We’ve received lots of heartwarming praise and kind messages from fans who saw All of Us and connected with Gord Downie deeply personal lyrics. We know many people were affected by the loss of one of Canada’s greatest music legends, and we’ve stood by as numerous people told us their stories of the Tragically Hip and what Gord meant to them. From watching them live in concert more than 30 different times, to attending the same high school as “the boys” back home in Kingston, every fan story is unique.


Hip fan Jacqui M saw All of Us in Calgary and calls the experience “easily the best night of the past year since Gordo passed away.”  The ballet tickets were a birthday present from a friend and Jacqui made a point to stop at Alberta Ballet’s pop boutique in the lobby where she bought an All of Us toque.  An instant treasure, the toque was a souvenir of an extra special birthday evening spent with a good friend.


Sadly, the toque came to be misplaced. Jacqui last remembers wearing it one rainy day on her way to her car.

She reached out to Alberta Ballet in hopes there was some way to replace the cherished item.  We were thrilled to hear how Jacqui’s purchase was so infused with the memory of her amazing evening at the ballet. And as luck would have it, we did have toques left in stock. 


Whether it’s for you or someone you know, every purchase from the Alberta Ballet boutique is special. Our boutique offerings are carefully curated. We want to give our patrons something unique, and something that says “I was there” so that the experience can last long after the curtain has come down.