Chris Scruggs on why keeping active makes him happy


“My body needs to keep up because I love what I do” – How Canada Diagnostic Centres helped Chris Scruggs get back on his toes


As an Alberta Ballet dancer, Nakiska ski patrol member, and cycle motivator at YYC Cycle, Chris Scruggs can’t afford to slow down in the fall and winter months.

“When the season begins in the fall, I need to keep up with my schedule because I really love what I do” he says. “I don’t like static time.”

Born in Annapolis, Maryland, Chris began dancing at the age of 16, performing with several ballet companies in the Unites States including the Louisville Ballet and the Boston Ballet. Chris joined Alberta Ballet in the 2015-2016 season and quickly embraced the best that the province has to offer, from the metropolitan cycle studio of YYC Cycle to the picturesque Rocky Mountains of Nakiska.


“At YYC Cycle, I’m always encouraging others to see what they’re capable of, because if you’re not doing something different, if it doesn’t feel different, then it’s not different. And why not? Take a chance.”

“My body needs to keep up because I love what I do.”

Dancers need to keep pace with a rigorous schedule of rehearsals and performances to make it through to the end of a season run.  In 2015, Chris tore ligaments in his foot right at the beginning of the season, during an Edmonton performance of Balletlujah! Suddenly, focusing on recovery was key.

“I was injured pretty badly” Chris explains. “I had to army crawl off the stage.”

Working with Canada Diagnostic Centres, Chris was well aware he needed to get back on stage in time for opening The Nutcracker, a critical revenue driver for any ballet company.

Canada Diagnostic Centres, Alberta’s premier diagnostic imaging provider, was there to guide Chris through a treatment program, ensuring his injured foot healed and strengthened to be ready once more for performance. “We have very good dancers, amazing dancers in our company, but we have fewer dancers in our company than Boston Ballet, New York City Ballet, or The National Ballet of Canada.  If I’m injured, that affects my colleagues. I have a responsibility to get back onstage in a healthy way.”

“Canada Diagnostic Centres does a great job of getting the dancers in and being seen, getting their results very quickly. If we didn’t have somebody like Canada Diagnostic Centres, we’d be left guessing and waiting for a diagnoses and treatment plan. And because we tour in Calgary and Edmonton, we’re lucky to have Canada Diagnostic Centres team in both cities. It’s really great.”


I’m at a point in my life where I think happiness drives my success. If what I’m doing doesn’t make me happy, I won’t do it,” Chris says. “I really love what I do.