There's many reasons to become an Alberta Ballet member

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Alberta Ballet members join for any number of reasons – to demonstrate their love of dance, to feel that sense of community, to support the arts, to add value to their subscriptions, and even to engage in professional networking opportunities. Whatever the reason, they all have one thing in common – a sense of pride in what they’re contributing to.

Bill Gordon and Sandy Evans have been subscribers to Alberta Ballet since their children started dancing 16 years ago. Both kids took classes in Alberta Ballet School’s Open Division and went on to become full-time students in the Professional Division. As they got more involved in volunteering with the school, becoming Alberta Ballet members seemed like another great way they could give back.

 “We’ve had back ten-fold what we’ve put in to it, in terms of enjoyment,” Sandy said. “We’ve known some of the dancers since they were kids, and we’ve watched them grow up. Some of them are dancing with companies around the world, and some of them have stayed here.”

Even though their own kids have grown up and moved on to careers in other fields, Bill and Sandy don’t plan on giving up their membership anytime soon.

“As a member, you do feel like part of the family. You see the growth and progression in the dancers and in the artistry, and you feel like you’ve had a front row seat to all of that.”

Bill said he enjoys supporting his city and his province through an organization that has played a huge role in his family over the years. “Some of the ballets have been toured around the world and that is giving Alberta great exposure. We take pride in what we have to offer here, and it’s nice to showcase Alberta to the world.”

“This is our way of making a contribution to our community and our city. It’s an investment in our family,” Bill  said.

“As a member, you do feel like part of the family. You see the growth and progression in the dancers and in the artistry, and you feel like you’ve had a front row seat to all of that.”

- Long-time Member Sandy Evans

Co-owners of J’Adore Dance in Edmonton, Jenna Brenan and Chantel Sampson, offer a unique perspective on membership. As active moms and business owners, they appreciate being able to pre-schedule performances all season.

“As busy moms, life moves really quickly, so having that membership and committing the time, we put it right into the calendar for the year,” Jenna said. “In some ways for us, it’s professional development. We love coming to see the new works and the direction ballet is going,” added Chantel. “We can talk to the dancers and other Dance Circle members and hear what’s going on behind the scenes.”

The women got involved with Alberta Ballet after being introduced to Dance Circle through a friend as well as a participant in the Discover Dance program – an educational day for kids to experience the ballet who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

“When I first started my teaching career, I had brought a group of students to Discover Dance, and it was such a great experience that we got involved in helping connect schools with the program,” Chantel said, adding that they still bring kids from the studio to Discover Dance. “As a noncompetitive dance school, our studio supports Alberta Ballet as one group of artists to another.”

Aside from the obvious benefits like free parking at the Jubilee, access to rehearsal viewings and food and drinks during intermissions, an Alberta Ballet membership enables you to become more connected with the art you love, and the people who create it.

See you at Dance Circle!

Kim Jackson