About us

Alberta Ballet thrills and inspires audiences with unparalleled productions. As a resident company of the Jubilee Auditorium, it reaches over 60,000 Albertans each year with performances in Calgary and Edmonton. 

Alberta Ballet was founded in 1966 in Edmonton by Ruth Carse and Muriel Taylor. Today, it is a holistic ecosystem: a major professional performing arts company with an integrated and internationally renowned ballet training institution.  

Alberta Ballet’s standing company of artists are classically trained and renowned for wide-ranging versatility. These dancers come from across Canada and around the world. 40% of the troupe are alumni of Alberta Ballet School, Alberta Ballet’s training division. 

The most powerful part of our work is what you’ll walk away with –feelings, memories and connection. 


Our vision is to ignite creativity, inspire excellence, and foster a lifelong love for dance through innovative performances, rigorous training, and inclusive education, enriching the cultural fabric of our community and beyond.

Alberta Ballet in action

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17 18 Cinderella PC Paul Mc Grath Alan Ma6
The Nutcracker 2017 18 Paul Mc Grath167 Alan Ma
Danceshots 2018 19 Paul Mc Grath21 Melissa Eguchi
Danceshots 2018 19 Paul Mc Grath24 Scotto Hamed Ramos
Danceshots 2018 19 Paul Mc Grath29 Yoshiya Sakurai
Danceshots 2018 19 Paul Mc Grath5 Eli Barnes
Danceshots 2018 19 Paul Mc Grath9 Heather Thomas
Upper Room Yukichi Hattori jump BW Paul Mc Grath APP 1213
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