The power to unite

Dance has the power to unite communities and inspire transformations. Every gift to this endowment fund will help ensure we can bring that magic to Albertans for years to come.​

Conceived of during the pandemic, the Alberta Ballet Endowment Fund is structured so even when the world is at its most unpredictable, the art we all love will prevail. Through its balanced investment approach, paired with compounding interest, your generous investments will become consistent, predictable disbursements that Alberta Ballet can rely upon to deliver more powerful performances to more people in more parts of our province. ​

Expanding the stage

Fundamental to the mission of this fund is to spread the joy of dance through all parts of Alberta. Your support will allow us to bring full performances to more stages across our province and reach more Albertans with robust community programming. By weaving ballet into the fabric of our communities, we can make dance more equitable and approachable for all.​

Nurturing new generations

The lifelong love of the art begins at a young age, and for some, this passion is felt as a desire to be on stage themselves. The Alberta Ballet School offers excellence in instruction for Albertans of all ages, whether they’re aspiring professionals or just love to dance. Donations to the endowment fund removes financial barriers for tomorrow’s artistic leaders. Together we can help Alberta Ballet School develop and nurture the next generation of talent here in Alberta.​

Together we can be forever moved

Along with the comfort of knowing your generous gift is supporting dance in Alberta for years to come, your investment will also provide you with valuable financial benefits such as substantial tax savings. ​

Also included in this endowment campaign are endowed naming opportunities of the Artistic Director and Apprentice Dancer. Through these avenues, your contribution will help attract and retain top caliber dancers and artistic staff, ultimately elevating the quality of Alberta Ballet. ​

The Canada Cultural Investment Fund (CCIF) matches up to $2 million per year raised from private donors. This means that not only is your generous gift protected in perpetuity, but Alberta Ballet can apply for matching dollars ,and further accelerate the fund’s ability to reach its important goals. ​

To speak to a team member about donating to Alberta Ballet, please contact:

Paul Chambers
Director, Development
403-245-4222 ext 744

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Through Endowment Fund, we seek to bring high caliber training and education to every part of Alberta and to make it financially accessible through funding.