Bold and vibrant, BOTERO is a carnival for the senses.

It has been said: once you see Fernando Botero’s art, you will never forget it!

You will feel the same way after you’ve seen this performance. This contemporary ballet - inspired by the distinctive style of painter Fernando Botero - brings the Colombian painter’s characters to life in unexpected and playful ways.

Choreographed by the prolific Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, this innovative take on art-inspiring-art is an unforgettable showcase of dance, whimsy and prodigious, an experience as unique as Botero’s voluminous subjects.

Charged with an original score of Latin American rhythms, this world premiere will captivate you as the dancers of Alberta Ballet transform into the iconic subjects from Botero’s paintings, dancing off a canvas and onto the stage.

“The juxtaposition of dance and Botero’s style is elegant, playful and unexpected. Annabelle and her team created something truly inspired, and it’s an honour to support the expansion of BOTERO.”


Total Run Time:
1 hr, 30 min
35 min • Intermission: 20 min • ACT II: 35 min

Full Credits

Choreography: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Music: Juan Pablo Acosta
Sets & Costumes: Diana Echandía
Lighting Design: Scott Reid