This Ballet Life


Photo Credit: Tarzan Dan  


Alberta Ballet dancers share the behind-the-scenes world where everything culminates on stage as part of some of the most exciting live dance experiences in Canada.

Episode 5 


Company dancers Melissa Eguchi, Kelley McKinlay, and Heather Thomas chat with This Ballet Life hosts Oliver and Nicole as they discuss the challenges of the final two productions in the season, Cinderella and All of Us. Both brand new works with completely different approaches, the dancers share stories about their own personal challenges as part of a professional ballet career including relationships, health/injury, and work commitments. 


Episode 4 

Ripple Effect

Few decisions in a ballet company can be so profound as casting.  Determining which dancer will perform what is an ongoing conversation. The conversation that begins well before the show reaches the theatre, but continues backstage and in the wings the night of the performance.  Everyone is conscious how these decisions have a ripple effect: driving the audience enthusiasm in the theatre on performance to to driving new directions in dance careers well after the curtain comes down!



Bonus Segment: with Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip

The latest in Alberta Ballet’s signature portrait ballet series premiered in Calgary the first week of May.  All of Us features the music of The Tragically Hip and Alberta Ballet was thrilled to have Rob Baker of The Hip in the audience on May 3.  This Ballet Life got a chance to ask Rob for some first impressions: what he thought of the ballet overall and about the sensation of taking a seat in the audience for a show that featured his music.



In Conversation

Four Alberta Ballet dancers are in conversation after a full day of rehearsal in studio.  As a group, these four dancers represent all stages of a professional dance career.  

They discuss the arc of a professional life on stage, about needing to prepare for a post-dance career, and how the characters they play underscore how they grow as performers and dancers. 



Touchstones on the Path to Principal Dancer (How We Got Here)

The dancers of Alberta Ballet share memories of pivotal moments: the awe and anxiousness of a first Company class; the intensity and excitement of a prominent character role and those moments of encouragement from the senior Company dancers.



Listen In: Sounds of a Season Launch  (Beginnings)
Alberta Ballet’s dancers return to the studio after summer break and the marketing machine is revving up.  The Company is weeks away from presenting on stage, but performance is still the name of the game.