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Get to know the 2022/23 Alberta Ballet dancers in Away We Go, a powerful, dynamic showcase of the artist’s perseverance. This collection of works features three celebrated choreographers in one incredible evening of contemporary ballet. See which artists you’ll see on stage in Calgary Oct. 27-29 and Edmonton Nov. 4-5.

Petal by Helen Pickett

Mariko Kondo (Oct 27e, 29, Nov 4e)
Alexandra Hughes (Oct 28e, 29e, Nov 5e)

Melissa Eguchi (Oct 27e, Nov 4e)
Heather Dornian (Oct 28e, 29e)
Seira Iwamoto (Oct 29, Nov 5e)

Jennifer Gibson (Oct 27e, Nov 4e, 5e)
Luna Sasaki (Oct 28e, 29e)
Mya Kresnyak (Oct 29)

Alexandra Gibson (Oct 27e, Nov 4e, 5e)
Kira Anderson (Oct 28e, 29e)
Allison Perhach (Oct 29)

Aaron Anker (Oct 27e, 29, Nov 4e)
Caleb Durbin (Oct 28e, 29e, Nov 5e)

Yoshiya Sakurai (Oct 27e, 29, Nov 4e, 5e)
Zachary Boresow (Oct 28e, 29e)

Zacharie Dun (Oct 27e, Nov 4e, 5e)
Michael Scott-Kahans (Oct 28e, 29e)
Alan Ma (Oct 29)

Kurtis Grimaldi (Oct 27e, Nov 4e, 5e)
Eli Barnes (Oct 28e, 29e)
Scotto Hamed-Ramos (Oct 29)

Skyward by Alysa Pires

October 27e, 28e, 29e, Nov. 4e:

Kira Anderson
Aaron Anker
Zacharie Dun
Caleb Durbin
Jennifer Gibson
Scotto Hamed-Ramos
Alexandra Hughes
Mariko Kondo
Alan Ma
Allison Perhach
Michael Scott-Kahans

October 29:

Eli Barnes
Zachary Boresow
Alyssa Churchill
Heather Dornian
Melissa Eguchi
Kurtis Grimaldi
Seira Iwamoto
Yaroslav Khudych
Kale Lazarick
Yoshiya Sakurai
Luna Sasaki

November 5e:

Eli Barnes
Zachary Boresow
Alyssa Churchill
Zacharie Dun
Melissa Eguchi
Kurtis Grimaldi
Alexandra Hughes
Seira Iwamoto
Kale Lazarick
Yoshiya Sakurai
Luna Sasaki

Moving, Still by Cathy Marston

Duet 1
Allison Perhach, Eli Barnes(Oct 27e, 29e, Nov 4e)
Luna Sasaki, Scotto Hamed-Ramos (Oct 28e, 29, Nov 5e)

Duet 2
Kira Anderson, Zachary Boresow (Oct 27e, 29e, Nov 4e)
Alexandra Gibson, Caleb Durbin (Oct 28e, 29, Nov 5e)

Duet 3
Jennifer Gibson, Michael Scott-Kahans (Oct 27e, 29e, Nov 4e)
Melissa Eguchi, Yoshiya Sakurai (Oct 28e, 29, Nov 5e)

Duet 4
Alexandra Hughes, Zacharie Dun (Oct 27e, 29e, Nov 4e)
Mya Kresnyak, Aaron Anker (Oct 28e, 29, Nov 5e)

Duet 5
Luna Sasaki, Kurtis Grimaldi (Oct 27e, 29e, Nov 4e)
Sayuri Nakanii, Eli Barnes (Oct 28e, 29, Nov 5e)

Duet 6
Brittany Broussard, Caleb Durbin, Allison Perhach (Oct 27e, 29e, Nov 4e)
Kira Anderson, Zachary Boresow, Luna Sasaki (Oct 28e, 29, Nov 5e)

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