Be Part of the Magic

Celebrate the holidays with Alberta Ballet's beloved production of The Nutcracker, where Klara and her Nutcracker go on a magical journey, battle the Rat Tsar's dark magic, and dance with the courtiers in the palace of the Sugar Plum Fairy. With 120 performers, stunning costumes, and a live orchestra, the Jubilee stage becomes an enchanting fantasy world. Don't miss this dazzling performance with music by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

The magic begins the moment you step through the Jubilee doors. Plan to arrive early to take part in Nutcracker-themed activities throughout the lobby!

  • Story Time: An excellent introduction for first-time ballet attendees and the perfect way to embrace the magic of The Nutcracker before the curtain rises.
  • Photo Booth: An opportunity to capture a cherished memory with the Snow Tsarina in her sleigh.
  • Alberta Ballet Boutique: Check off holiday shopping with unique Nutcracker-themed items, perfect for souvenirs or gifting.
  • Pointe Shoe Tree: Learn how dancers prepare their pointe shoes and purchase a signed pair from one of your favourites.

Total Run Time: 1 hr, 57 min
47 min • Intermission: 20 min • ACT II: 50 min
Calgary Digital Playbill
The Nutcracker Casting | Calgary

Artistic Credits

MUSIC: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
NEW COSTUMES (2022): Alberta Ballet, Timberlake Studios and Lisa Logan

Step into the Magic

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